The Iversen's // Austin, TX wedding by Vasquez Photography - Vasquez Photography

Renée and Kristoffer celebrated their wedding on the most beautiful, HOT, Texas day at Sacred Oaks in Austin. We had a scorching summer in Washington, and although it wasn't our hottest wedding of the year, it was a little bit of a shock for us to experience 97 degrees in mid October. I'm sure the heat was a little bit more alarming to Kristoffer's family that traveled all the way from Denmark. I can't complain though because when there is heat there is usually sun, and the Texas sun did not disappoint. Renée was absolutely glowing in her dress and everyone could see how much Kristoffer adores her. I especially loved the touches of Disney Renée incorporated throughout the wedding. I am such a Disney fanatic already that I had to hide behind my camera throughout the ceremony and first dance. This wedding proved to be one of the most romantic weddings Jeremy and I have been blessed to witness. The venue name is very fitting and under the old oak trees, Renée and Kristoffer proclaimed their love for each other surrounded by friends and family from near and far.

Thank you Renée and Kristoffer for inviting us all the way to Texas to document your special day.

Band: the Spazmatics

Videographer: Optic Bliss

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