You had a Corona, I was drinking Bud Light

That jukebox singing every song just right that night

Something brewing in the air, it was more than just smoke

Looking back, looking back after two you laughed at all my jokes

Tonight let's raise 'em up to where we ended up

There's been highs, there's lows, fast lane freeways and bumpy roads

Cursed the devil and prayed to heaven, lost it all when we rolled some sevens

Been more smiles than there's been tears, been more good than bad years

Ain't it crazy baby how we got here,

Oh, it all started with a beer

Oh, it all started with an ice cold beer

Hidden Meadow is a picturesque landscape located about 15 miles north of Moses Lake. Nestled in the middle of the farmlands and desert, Amanda and Eric watched through the windows as the rain unleashed on their wedding day. Four years ago, it all started with a beer in the park as they discovered their love for each other that continued to grow. It had been four years leading up to this momentous occasion and a little rain wasn't going to stop them. It was clear in that moment and throughout the day, the reason friends and family were called together was the love these two have for each other. It wasn't about the food, the flowers, the fancy dress or anything else that comes with the big production that is a wedding these days. Yes, those things are nice, but LOVE is what matters. Focused only on the other, Amanda and Eric braved the rain for pictures. They say rain is good luck on your wedding day. Well, they must have not needed much luck. Not long after pictures, the clouds parted and it was a beautiful sunny day in the Columbia Basin. Amanda and Eric said tearful "I Do's" and the party began. It was a day full of beautiful memories for a genuine couple of people declaring their love. May there be many more happy memories and stories to tell in this lifetime. Congrats!

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