An heirloom necklace, signs hand-painted with care and dresses hanging ever so neatly on custom hangers... Each thoughtful detail is now a memory as high school sweethearts Dylan and Jadyn tied the knot after 11 years together. Their intimate ceremony quickly turned into a celebration full of laughter and tears, mostly laughter. I tend to get choked up at every wedding we attend and this one was no different; especially when Grandpa Jack spoke his words of wisdom for the newlyweds.  Dylan and Jadyn are obviously meant for each other and it was absolutely wonderful to be among friends and family to bear witness to their special day. Congrats Dylan and Jadyn, we wish you many years of happiness! May you continue to change and grow together throughout life. <3<3<3

venue: Pillar Rock Grill at the Moses Lake Country Club

signs: K&K DeSigns

flowers: Seed Cupboard Nursery

cake table: Junk Sisters

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